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We are a fully licensed and certified home inspection company serving South Central PA. We provide a full service of inspections which include: home, pest, radon and water testing. David Heintzelman, owner, is ASHI and NRSB Certified. He has inspected over 4,600 homes in South Central PA over the past 13 years.



We offer a variety of Home Inspections services as well as water sampling. We pride ourselves on giving you the most efficient result at an affordable rate.

Why you get a home inspection?

“Buying a home is the largest investment a client will make. That is why it is most important to learn as much as possible about a house before buying it. Lately, many clients have been pressured into forgoing an inspection just to get the house. If this is the case, schedule an inspection after the purchase. Whether choosing an inspection prior to or after purchase; what’s most important is that it has been done. A home inspection will help the client with the following: learn about the condition of the home, receive tips on maintaining it and being made aware of potential repairs or replacements that will be needed in the future.” ASHI

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